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Gill had watched his senior partner absorb the relentless punishment from the sanctuary of the non-striker’s end, having reached the second half-century of his already blossoming Test career during the battle.

Kandice Barber and her ex-partner cuddle up at a music festival in happier times in their relationship. The ex-boyfriend said he couldn't keep up with her 'excessive' sexual demands

But in the over prior to lunch, Gill’s watchfulness gave way to youthful exuberance as he clubbed Starc for six over third man despite the presence of a fielder on the boundary awaiting precisely that stroke.

Barber, 35, is seen arriving at Aylesbury Crown Court during her trial for having sex with the schoolboy, 15
Barber took this selfie a few years ago as she relaxed on the sofa in a photo handed over by her ex-partner
The 'frisky' supply teacher at a party where she dressed as Amy Winehouse. Her ex said their relationship was dominated by her 'huge sex drive' with her demanding it six times a day
Barber had told the boy she was pregnant with his child and had told him not to report her otherwise their baby would be born in jail, the court heard

The assault on Pujara’s person was stepped up after lunch, as the patience Australia had preached was replaced by frustration and the “good area” was recalibrated to be the upper torso of India’s obdurate batting lynchpin.

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